Friends of Thursley Common (NNR)

Protecting and preserving the Reserve
IF you see smoke CALL 999 do not hesitate. You will not be wasting the fire services time.
Do not light a fire Do not use any form of BBQ No smoking on or around the reserve – Thank You

Horse Riding at Thursley Common

Whatever your horse riding ability, Thursley Common it is a great place to ride.

Thursley common is a very popular location for horse riding. It has an extensive network of bridleways and permissive paths to explore. The ground conditions are generally good all year around. It is a rare opportunity to get away from motor vehicles in a large wide open space with a mixture of terrain to suit most riders needs. We do recommend that you exercise caution due to deep sand, deep standing water and erosion ruts on some routes. Rather than go into the logistics of riding at Thursley Common, we have included a link to the BHF website and Surrey Hills Website which has the details.

Horse Riding

In general, given the sandy soil, there may be stretches which are difficult. Either because of deep sand, water or high steps or deep ruts caused by erosion. Do take care in all cases to protect yourself and your mount. If in doubt please avoid the risk and re-route or dismount and walk.

We request that horse riders use the main paths. Please do not use the paths to the sides, these are used by cyclist and walkers and become difficult to traverse with frequent use by horses. Please respect the needs of other users of the common.

When choosing a routes we recommend that you avoid the centre of the common, called the mire, in winter the bridleway can be 600mm under water for large stretches.

Parking is available in Thursley Village, at Hankley common, the Moat Car Park and In Elstead, details are elsewhere on this website. There are yards locally who can be contacted.

The Website also has maps which are displayed at main entry points to the common.

Do’s and Donts


Please keep to the well trodden paths.

Please tread lightly and leave no trace

Please wear High Visibility clothing.

Respect other users of the common. Every walker, cyclist or dog is different. Please announce your presence and be ready to stop if required. If you are challenged by a walker then please inform them it is an open space for all users to enjoy.

Please do not

Please do not go off piste there are many rare animals, plants and insects.

Please do not create new paths

Pass other visitors at speed or ignore dogs. Please respect the other visitors right to be on the reserve too.

Under no circumstances ride on any boardwalk. It is dangerous for you and your mount. The boardwalks are not designed to take the weight of a horse and rider and serious injury to you both could result.

A Google satellite view of the well trodden paths

A map view of the Bridleways


These routes are on public rights of way, Byways or Bridleways unless on a permissive path on the common. You follow the route at your own risk.


Please ensure that you are prepared for your ride. Take a mobile phone. Please do not take risks or ride where not permitted..