Friends of Thursley Common (NNR)

Protecting and preserving the Reserve
IF you see smoke CALL 999 do not hesitate. You will not be wasting the fire services time.
Do not light a fire Do not use any form of BBQ No smoking on or around the reserve – Thank You


Welcome to Thursley Common National Nature Reserve. We hope you enjoy your visit. This website contains resources which we hope will enable you to make the most of your visit. Thursley NNR is a very special place.

If you see smoke DIAL 999 and ask for the Fire Service. Fast action could save the reserve and its wildlife. You will not be wasting their time.

The boardwalks fully open. We hope their return makes your visit all the more special, we have all missed walking on them. Please do not allow your dog into the water or into the wider heather areas as it damages the reserve and its wildlife.

Please help us Protect and Preseve this special national nature reserve. We are sharing some obvious guidance which we hope you will respect. If you would like to get involved please follow this link –

Do not light any fires or use a BBQ. Do not leave glass, clear plastic or foil on the reserve, it can concentrate bright sunlight and start a fire.

Do not enter any ponds or allow your dog into the water from the board walks, please only use the moat if you must. Keep your dog under control, particularly from 31 March to 1st August when there are many ground nesting birds. Many birds once disturbed will abandon their nests.

The reserve has a good population of snakes, including adders and unfortunately dogs in the heather do get bitten, which can lead to large vet bills. Snakes present little risk to visitors and should be viewed only. They will give people a wide berth.

Please do not use a paddleboard or other watercraft in the moat, have fun by all means but please protect the fringes of the pond and only access the water from well used spots and ideally just from the viewing platform.

Please take your litter home.

Please keep to the paths and even then please look where you are walking we have many rare Bees, Wasps and Beetles who love to burrow into and use the hard paths.

We welcome all users of the common, but please respect it and tread lightly

Thank you from The Friends Of Thursley Common.

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