Friends of Thursley Common (NNR)

Protecting and preserving the Reserve
IF you see smoke CALL 999 do not hesitate. You will not be wasting the fire services time.
Do not light a fire Do not use any form of BBQ No smoking on or around the reserve – Thank You

Contribute your Photo

Please send us your Photo’s from the Thursley NNR

“The more time I spend on the common, the more opportunities I get to photograph its wildlife, I find this very relaxing and good for my mental health”. Anon.

The FOTC Webmaster would like to recieve your photos,

which we may feature here

in a special visitors gallery in 2023.

The small print: By submitting a picture you agree to FOTC displaying the photo on our website. The copyright remains with you as the photographer. You agree to submit only photos taken by you on Thursley Common. The Photo should have been taken in 2022 or 2023 and we will use the metadata to confirm this. The subject might be landscape, wildlife, plant life, aquatic life, birdlife or enjoyment of the common. If your photo includes a person that can be identified we ask that you also download a text file confirming the persons details and their consent to publish the photo here.

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