Friends of Thursley Common (NNR)

Protecting and preserving the Reserve
IF you see smoke CALL 999 do not hesitate. You will not be wasting the fire services time.
Do not light a fire Do not use any form of BBQ No smoking on or around the reserve – Thank You

About The Friends Of Thursley Common

Some of our wardens in their distinctive clothing – please stop us and say hello.


Hello! We are a group of volunteers who came together after the fire in May 2021. Our mission, is to help protect and preserve this internationally important nature reserve with its abundance of rare and endangered species. It is a lovely place to visit or to find peace and quiet. We operate under the oversight of Natural England and the NE reserve management team. We do not police the reserve or restrict its use. Our aim is to communicate and inform visitors so that their visit is enjoyable,sustainable and help visitors understand the respect this special place, now and for the generations that come. The reserve deserves respect so please tread lightly when you visit.

Thursley National Nature Reserve
The Barn, Lower House Road,
Bowlhead Green, Surrey GU8 6NW
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